Milanese through generations. Sata, Andrea. Born on an early morning of the 23th of May 1988, I’m a multidisciplinary creative.

I run SATATTTVISION, a cutting edge tattoo & stuff studio in the heart of Milan and, in the meantime, I’m an artist, a designer and never a cop. Phone and emails are always burning. Him_Self_Her for the beat, Mario Schifano for the paintings and Christo and Jeanne-Claude for the hidden love.

From Forming to Performing to Adjourning, while dancing.


Class 1997, From Rome to Milan right after the high school. I’m a content creator and my daily colleagues are Youtube and Ableton.

Music is related to emotions, videos are related to memories: imagine that I’m archiving all the sounds that I sampled during my trips.

Armin Van Buuren, Eric Prydz but first of all, Swedish House Mafia, the Bible of the most ritual House. With the guys we experiment, we exchange ideas, we discuss and we argue for greater tomorrow together, with you.


Barosing as crossing minds and connecting dots. I’m Nicolas Barosi, grown through automatic bagging equipments in Santarcangelo di Romagna and long parties at Cocorico.

Now Milan is my headquarter but not my only desk. While building PR & Special Project management for Woolrich and PAURA di Danilo Paura,

I’ve always dreamt to share the stage with Tiga. Kanye West represents my inventive mentor, shaping my head to go beyond the possible, while Mark Rothko inspired me not to use standards or fixed schemes. Stubborn as a Capricorn, I came to life on January 1994, obviously during a Friday night.


La Romagna. Sogliano from 1992, I can say.

I’m Linda Tani and I’m the management: I’m problem solving and I’m developing plans.

Owner of Bear Surfboards, my ideal habitat is the beach and my favorite color is the tan. Club selector sometimes, just because meetings are not never enough.

I love Cesare Cremonini, The Lumineers and Simon & Garfunkel; they let me enter into this parallel world called music that now I need to feed and to take care of. Gemini in the stars and methodic in the soul, I’m the Satamusica ghost woman.


The axis between Campania and Lebanon.
From 1992, I’m Mattia Cheib: the misunderstood.

During the day I’m selecting and buying clothes for fashion doors and, when the sun comes down, I’m driven from the istinct and harmonized by the sound.

In my head the torment soul of
Marvin Gaye and the rebel guitar of Jimi Hendrix are matching with Jay-Z hip hop way of life and versatile
mindset. I’m now playing Giorgio By Moroder, Daft Punk (it’s like the doctor apple, once per day).